Februar 2021

Just a „side attraction“ – JPMorgan criticizes Bitcoin as overrated

With the renewed scolding, the analysts contradict their management, which considers a future investment in Bitcoin to be likely. Analysts at the major investment bank JPMorgan Chase are again skeptical about Bitcoin Storm, classifying the actual value, i.e. the „fair value“, of the cryptocurrency much lower than the current record price shows. In a circular to investors, JPMorgan argues that Bitcoin is only „a minor economic attraction“ compared to other

Financial expert: „Bitcoin investors are covidiotes with an understanding of a single cell“

According to the reading of the former risk analyst, Bitcoin „failed“. In the past few days, Bitcoin ( BTC ) has also caused a stir in the media, because after the car maker Tesla made a massive investment of 1.5 billion US dollars in the crypto currency, its price suddenly swung towards US 50,000 -Dollars on. Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a former risk analyst and financial expert, doesn’t share this optimism